LED Downlights and Energy Efficiency

LED downlights for energy efficient lighting solutions

LEDs are different from incandescent bulbs and CFLs

LED downlights and LED strip lights are the most efficient lighting technologies. These lights last longer and have better quality of lighting than other types of lighting. These are completely different from incandescent lamps and CFLs. White light is produced by these lights by using a blend of red, green and blue LEDs. LED lights downplay the need of reflectors as these reflect light in a specific direction. You don’t need to trap light of LEDs as 50 percent of the light remains on the fixture where you want to focus. LEDs release around 90 percent of the energy in the form of heat while the counterparts release at max 80 percent of energy in the form of heat.

LED downlights

led downlightsLED Downlights consist of two modules apart from the bulb part. The two parts are known as housing and trim. The housing is not visible from outside. House does the function of holding the bulb. The trim of the downlights are visible and vary as per space requirements. These lightings are not only effective in terms of style but also these are efficient. A variety of fitting are available for these downlights such as chrome fittings, colour fittings, metal fittings, and plastic fittings. These downlights require minimum energy to operate and emit less heat.

LED strip lights

LED light bulbs are the lights that are made of a series of LEDs being fit to a strip. LEDs in the strip lights are fixed to the strip instead of the wall. From these strip lights you can get lights of different colours. These lights consume very less energy for operation. An amazing thing about these lights is that they last for long hours even if used for a long time. These come in different lengths. These vary in terms of outputs they give. You can fix these lights on clean and dry surfaces of your wall. Depending upon your usage you can choose these strips.

Usage of LED downlights

LED downlights find their usage in homes and offices more often. People are starting to use these lights in their kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedrooms. These downlights are fixed to the ceiling where a narrow opening is there. Generally these are fixed to the wall from where these are invisible. These are quite similar to that of the floodlights. These cast their beam downwards at the place where these are used. Like a spot light these lights cover a specific area. These lights are a symbol of luxury. Luxurious usage of these lights includes mansions, celebrity homes, opera houses and five start hotels.

Usage of LED strip lights

LED strip lights showcase versatility in places where these are used. Installing it in the right place enhances the decorative sense of the place. Generally people use these strip lights underneath the kitchen cabinet. Light directly reflects on the work place making it easy for your work. You can also use these lights underneath the shelves and in cupboard to make it easy for you to locate essentials. These light give an aesthetic sense to a place where these are used. Because of that these light find their use in a pool or spa. Apart from bench tops, you can use these lights in both indoors and outdoors. For energy efficiency see http://www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/Electricity/Lighting/Lighting-FAQ.

Which LED downlights you should purchase?

LED downlights make use of LED chips that run on 12 volts. You don’t need to be worried about this specification. An inbuilt transformer converts the supply mains of 240 volts to 12 volts. The bulb uses 12 volts to run. You can choose these lights as you are going to save a lot in terms of energy and money.

What considerations you should do while choosing LED strip lights?

You can choose LED strip lights of any colour as per your requirements. The strip lights make use of the same concept as that of the downlights for safe operation of these lights. Instead of 50 watts halogen lamps you can use 4.8 watts strips to get better effect. You can use these lights in your caravan and motor boat where you have DC supply. For DC supply you need to simply use these bulbs directly. You don’t need a transformer for DC supply mains.

Added advantages of LED downlights have made these the choice of household,  industries and businesses.